Saturday, 9 January 2010

Cheesy Wotsits and Balsamic Vinegar

I haven't left the house today other than to go to the gym, and now it's dark, and really cold, so I'm consoling myself by eating Halloumi cheese with Wotsits dipped in Balsamic vinegar. I didn't sleep well last night. Little thoughts and snippets of conversation were bouncing around my mind, and I ended up having to watch News 24 whilst the snow drifted around the lamp post outside my window.

350 years ago, Pepys was also having sleepless nights. He was worrying about his finances. He owed money to various people and didn't know how to pay them back. The other recurring comments in the first week of his diary belong to General Monk, and the rumour that he was travelling to London from Scotland. Monk was Oliver Cromwell's trusted Deputy, and with Cromwell's son out of the picture, and Charles II still in Breda, he was probably the most important man in the country.  He was heading to the capital to throw his weight around and attempt to ease the growing political crisis. He eventually entered the City on February 3rd and with immense diplomatic skill paved the way for Charles' return. After the restoration he switched allegiance officially, and was greatly rewarded by the new King. 

Today, after spending a number of hours working on The Book Of Hope for the Choir Invisible, I started the process of applying to the Arts Council for money. I sincerely hope the motet project meets their requirements. It's such a lottery and I'm sure there's going to be an enormous amount of competition so I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed. Pepys isn't the only one who spent January 9th worrying about money!

Likelihood of succeeding with the project: 55%
Likelihood of going mad: 82%

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