Sunday, 8 August 2010

Happy birthday to me

It's my birthday and Nathan and I are about to watch Toy Story 3 in 2D as I can't be doing with watching a film in sunglasses. I don't like 3D technology. Everything is way too dark and I don't feel the quality is yet good enough for every film to now be shot that way.

I spent the afternoon on Hampstead Heath with my parents, Edward and Sascha and a group of friends including my god daughter and her parents, Meriel and Roy, the newly-pregnant Nicky and Ted Thornhill. A hugely pleasant picnic, followed by a game of lawn darts. The weather was wonderful and I was slightly disappointed when the Sunday evening panic set in and everyone rushed off to do their washing, or whatever it is that people who work ordinary hours feel they have to do!

Pepys spent a day in the company of Elizabeth 350 years ago. They went to visit their friend, Catan Sterpin and advised her on how to put off her forthcoming marriage until her betrothed was in a better financial position.

A hectic and social day ended at Mrs Hunt's house where Pepys and Elizabeth stayed the night. It's also where they had sex for the first time since Elizabeth's illness.

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