Wednesday, 29 September 2010

What's the deal with acorns falling like rain?

I’ve just finished another day of admin. I went into town to have my hair cut first thing and then spent the rest of the morning traipsing around stage doors in the West End, putting up posters in search of gospel singers. I tried to focus on shows that had a large percentage of black actors, or musicals which place an emphasis on good quality singing. There are a surprising number of dance-based shows out there at the moment. My hair, thanks for asking, looks absolutely no different to how it did when I went in. Still, it only cost me £6, so I mustn't complain. I got a nice chat in with the bargain.

I came back from town and met Fiona in a Highgate greasy spoon. I had a full English vegetarian breakfast, which went down very well after all that walking around. This afternoon, I sent more emails to various gospel-type people. It’s very slow-going and I'm still extremely stressed. I got hot and bothered and a bit panicky on the tube today, which had a lot to do with the rain and the sauna-like conditions us Londoners have to put up with down there, but a fair amount to do with anxiety, I suspect.

Despite the weather, the trees opposite are still showing no signs of being ravaged by the autumn. My parents are currently in Nottinghamshire, where they say the trees are very definitely on the turn. My Dad was sitting underneath a giant horse-chestnut and the conkers were apparently falling on him like miniature missiles. Earlier on, my American friend, Christopher, wrote the following as his facebook status;

"What's the deal with the acorns falling like rain?! Ouch!"

Where are these dangerous places? I can safely say that I've never been hit by a falling nut in my life! Well, not one from a tree...

So, David Milliband has "stood down from front line politics” now that his weird brother has taken the Labour party leadership reins. It all feels a little bit like Master David is throwing all the dollies out of his pram. The fact remains that both of the Millibands are strange chaps, with very little experience of politics, and odd Wallace and Gromit-type mouths.

...I’d call them Barbie dolls, but they’re not handsome enough. There genuinely doesn't seem to be anyone left in the Labour Party with any form of charisma. It's very clear that it’s going to be some time before New Labour appear in power again.

September 29th 1660, and Pepys’ workmen finally finished plastering his house. He was thrilled with the results, writing "and indeed my kitchen is now so handsome that I did not repent of all the trouble that I have been put to, to have it done."

Pepys also mentioned that Prince Rupert arrived at court on this date but that he was “welcome to nobody”, which seems strange. The Prince had fought bravely on behalf of the Royals in the Civil War, and would continue to fight bravely against the Dutch in the coming war.

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