Saturday, 30 July 2011


Sitting on steps leading up to a farm house in the mountains above Pieneto. The sun is setting. Woke up in Switzerland and travelled down through Italy during the day. Managed to lose wallet somewhere en route so have had to borrow cash from Julie.

31 degrees here. We stopped at a local beach where the sea is turquoise, the sand is White and everyone is incredibly friendly. There are no words to describe the beauty of the mountains but the journey to Julie's house includes a number of terrifying bends, each of which features its own shrine and a little bunch of flowers dedicated to a life lost, one assumes through careless driving.

I opened my suitcase today to discover that our tumble drier hasn't dried my clothes properly, so I will spend the rest of the holiday smelling like wet dog!

350 years ago, Sam had a very busy day, starting with his singing master. He then went to see the King at Parliament. There were all sorts if squabbles about the Lords not wanting anyone to have the right to search the House for seditious papers and the like. Seems like not much has changed over the years: they still like to think themselves above the rules that apply to other mere mortals!

He then travelled by water to the Wardrobe, dined with his lady, meeting the King en route, and met with one Thomas Pepys, by all accounts, a silly but good natured fellow. Then home to the office to fo more stuff with his uncle's will.

To Fleet Street with Mr Salusbury, then to Hercules Pillars to meet the fabulously named Mr Whore, an ingenious fellow!

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