Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ravelry vs the USOC

Nathan has just shown me an email which was recently sent to the online craft and knitting forum, Ravelry, by the  US Olympic committee...

Every time the Olympics happens, Ravelry stages a "Ravelympics," which involves its members challenging each other to a series of knitting tasks, which all kick in as the opening ceremony of the actual olympics takes place. The projects are called things like the Afghan Marathon, the Hand-spun Heptathlon and the Sockput. All harmless fun, very much in the spirit of the Olympics, which we're told "transcends sport."

The US Olympics committee, however, who plainly (and purly) take themselves just a little bit too seriously, have written to Ravelry, suggesting that the Ravelympics, "denigrate the true nature of the Olympic Games" and are "disrespectful to our country's finest athletes and fail to recognize (with a zee) or appreciate their hard work..."

You stupid, grotesquely pompous, bible-bashing, humourless turds! Get over yourself and focus on blowing patriotic smoke up your insecure athletes tight little arse-holes. If you want to take up a cause, how about fighting for the universal rights of your citizens?

Leave the knitters in peace to appreciate the true spirit of the Olympic games and don't bother coming to this country. With ridiculous views like that, you're not welcome. 

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