Thursday, 5 February 2015

Broadcast Awards

We're currently at the Broadcast Awards in the palatial Grosvenor House Hotel. It's a very swanky ceremony, with a big slap-up meal and lots of people looking very suave in their sparkly dresses and dinner suits. We didn't win the award for best music programme. That particular award went to a glorified advert for Coldplay's latest album, which wasn't exactly comparing like with like! We didn't even make the opening montage - in fact, the clip they decided to use from Hollyoaks was of two gay men getting married - so from the moment we walked into the space we knew there was little hope of winning!

Some very odd programmes won awards, so none of us are too downbeat about the decision. BBC1 won the broadcast channel of the year, which I thought was particularly strange. I've seen some dreadful dross this year on that particular channel. The BBC is notoriously playing it safe at the moment. The big celebratory film package demonstrating the channel's high points was led by the Great British Bake Off, which we all know was initially a BBC 2 show.

Am I sounding like a bad loser? It was genuinely lovely to be there. I met lots of fascinating people and enjoyed playing the fame name game. Top celebrity sighting: Mary Berry.

Highlight of the evening was definitely chatting to Jon Snow, who threw his arms around us and told us Our Gay Wedding had been the best show ever made by Channel 4. His particular favourite moment was our mother's duet, which he described as beautiful and wonderfully moving. Jon Snow telling us that is worth fifty Broadcast Awards!

The last time I was at an award ceremony in this very venue, we didn't win either! That was the SONYs in 2008. I think I'm going to politely decline the next invitation I get to an award ceremony here. That, or I might have to assume it's going to be third time lucky...

Julie popped around earlier on tonight. She was watching a show at the Gatehouse up in the village and wanted a quiet space to do some dramaturgy with a chap she knows who's writing a musical. It was a joy to welcome him into our humble abode. It turns out he's actually a legend. He wrote "I Love to Love" by Tina Charles! It was almost impossible to talk to him without humming his song!

Bit pissed. Should sleep.

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