Sunday, 9 April 2017

Finishing the draft

It felt hugely contradictory for me to be inside yesterday working whilst the whole of the outside world seemed to be enveloped in a beautiful lime green, sunny spring light. I hear temperatures climbed into the twenties and I wished I was, well, anywhere but on my sofa at home, in the Ben-shaped dent I've grown so accustomed to over the years. I felt quite noble to be working at the weekend, but I also had to keep telling myself that I'd taken Friday off. It's important for freelancers not to enjoy all the privileges of managing our own diaries whilst forgetting that it's vital to actually do some work as well!

Yesterday's task was completed at 6pm. I finished draft two of the script of Em, so can now return to the music side of the show. It's so bizarre writing the book, the lyrics and the music. Liberating, of course, because I get to call all the shots without having to check anything with anyone, but also somewhat stressful, lonely and paranoia-inducing. There's no one there to pull you back from the brink when you enter a cul-de-sac of whimsey!

I celebrated finishing the draft by taking a twilight stroll on the Heath. It's so beautiful up there at this time of year, especially as the light fades. The dry spell has led to the place getting a bit dusty, which instantly gives it an air of mystery and nostalgia. Owls hooted. Strange birds twittered. The moon turned everything a pallid silvery colour. Dark, mysterious shapes disappeared into the grainy, black trees. It was thrilling simply to be out and about.

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