Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Quiz masteristress

Another day. Another quiz. This one was at the Temple, that mysterious part of London sandwiched between Fleet Street and the river which only lawyers know. I’m always intrigued to know what goes on there. I view it as a giant gentlemen’s club. A massive Masonic temple!

As you might expect with a group of lawyers, it was a fairly high scoring quiz. The winning team got over 90% of questions correct. There were pizzas and mince pies. You eat a lot of pizza when you work on professional quizzes.

Abbie was the Quiz Master tonight. It’s quite interesting and a relief to me that no one ever tries to call her a quiz mistress. Or maybe they do. For some reason, I feel it would be highly patronising to call her a quiz mistress in the same way that I find the word headmistress horrible. For me, “head” is a perfectly reasonable and accurate term. I wonder why I don’t feel the same way about the word actress. Maybe I should? Does anyone reading this have a strong view on this subject?

That’s about all. I’ve finished a draft of Nene. I’ve had Em mastered. I’m in a pretty good place to start slightly winding down. I may need to sleep a lot between now and New Year. That may not be possible of course.

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