Monday, 15 March 2010

If I should die think only this of me...

Whatever’s wrong with me has shifted into my throat and ear and I’m feeling rather tender and a bit sorry for myself. Not half as bad as poor Nathan must be feeling, who has a major ear infection, which means a luminous green liquid is seeping from his ear, which would be sort of gross if it weren’t such a bizarre radioactive colour! We're in the doctor's surgery now waiting to find out what is wrong.

Natalie and Nicky came over last night and we looked through fifteen years of photographs in my albums. Fifteen years of shared memories. There was much laughter and a few moments where I had to hold back the tears. The three of us met on a production called Big Book for Girls, which the National Student Theatre Company presented two years running at the Edinburgh Festival. Many of the cast are still in touch with one another and it's hardly surprising, as the times we spent together, during those long, carefree, sunny festivals rank as some of the best of our lives. We used to dance all the time. That's something I remember very fondly. There was one pub that we went to after the show each night, and we’d stick songs on the juke box and literally dance until it was dawn. They were happy, uncomplicated days.

It struck me after they’d gone, whilst thinking about the wonderful time I’d also had with Debbie and Bex, how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many genuinely uplifting and loyal people.

Pepys was up early on 15th March 1660. He packed his belongings and they were sent by cart with Montagu’s baggage, presumably to the ship. Pepys then went to a tavern close to Westminster Abbey where he said his farewells to some close friends and bumped into an old school pal who he’d not seen for sixteen years.

Before long, he pottered off to Westminster Hall, settling a few accounts and paying some bills, including his rent, in advance. He then took his wife by boat to the City of London and at Fish Street treated her to a particularly expensive salmon, which they had cooked and ate at the Sun Tavern 'round the corner. Whilst eating the fish, they had an emotional conversation, where Pepys promised his wife everything he had in the world, with the exception of his books, if he were to die at sea.

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