Tuesday, 16 March 2010

In a rash to get there

I woke up this morning covered in a rash, which is slightly depressing. I have tiny little heat blisters all over my hands and feet, and the rest of my body is covered in red patches, almost as though I’ve scratched myself and it’s got a bit infected. I feel a bit prickly and uncomfortable. I’m not hugely concerned as the same thing happened to me almost exactly a year ago. The rash seems to be my body’s way of dealing with stress; telling me that I’m not looking after myself properly and that I need to stop and take stock.

On the brighter side, I had a meeting at St Olave’s Church today and can now reveal that the motet will be premiered on Thursday 25th November. Half way through the meeting, my stress levels started rising again, when I started to think about the reality of finding 40 astonishing singers who will do this project for the love of it; the love of Pepys, the love of my music, the love of a challenge, the love of lunacy...

350 years ago, Pepys was up first thing, dealing with his landlord, sorting out paperwork and meeting various navy types. He had his morning draught at the Rhenish Warehouse alongside a breakfast of neat’s tongue, which seems to be something ghastly that originates in the mouth of a cow.

Lunch was with his father, wife and cousin Joyce in the City. No doubt they ate more meat. His wife left early with much to do. The following day would see her moving to Buckinghamshire to start lodging with Mr Bowyer.

A quick trip to Westminster Hall confirmed that Parliament was now ready to receive the King and as a result there was an air of excitement across London. More bonfires had been lit the night before and people were shouting; “God bless King Charles the Second” and defiling anything; plaques, statues etc, that said something to the contrary.

Great news has just come via email. My godson, Wils now has a little sister. Jean Rae Annat. She seems to have been born at lightening speed and my prediction is that she'll be a dancer. Her almost name-sake, Gene Anthony Ray, played Leroy in Fame!

Jean-Rae Annat
Gene Anthony Ray

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