Saturday, 8 May 2010

The tugging of forelocks

I have an inkling that I'm back on track in matters computorial, which bodes well for my mental health. Comically, the soundcard on my computer was found to be faulty, so I'm now on my sixth computer in the space of a year, which must set some kind of a record.

So yet another day has been wasted! I ate chips to celebrate and then sat rather miserably as Nathan installed various programmes on my replacement computer. On the bright side, I no longer feel the urge to scream into a pillow and on the even brighter side, I discovered that the man in my favourite chip shop loathes corriander, which I have long suspected to be the devil’s food. I have dedicated an ever-increasing percentage of my life towards setting up a group which promotes its banning. Today is the day I go public, so if you think corriander tastes of soap, or Grannie-spit, please get in touch.

Later today, I’m driving up to Thaxted to take part in a mega-exciting quiz at the local village hall. There’s a ploughman’s dinner to be eaten and, no doubt, an astonishing set of raffle prizes. One year the winner received a brace of pheasants and my Mum was so horrified, she had to pretend not to have the winning ticket! I have a very good feeling about the team we’ve assembled; a good mix of ages and interests, with one or two unknown entities... which is always fun!

I went out in Soho last night with Matt and Philip Sallon. We ate at Balans and then did a grand walking tour through the sleazy heart of London. Philip seems to know every rent boy, mini-cab-taxi owner and transsexual crack whore in the city. His eccentric existence usually begins after dark and often ends with him drifting through the darkened alleyways and back streets of central London, talking to anyone who seems entertaining or in need. Hang out with Philip for long enough and you’ll be introduced to an exciting parallel world existing in the almost invisible neon-lit cracks between our capital’s shiniest and most well-trodden streets. I’ve said it before. I feel extremely privileged to call him a friend.

There was another day of pomp and circumstance on the Nazeby on this date in 1660. The great and the good continued to call in en route to pay homage to the King in Holland. Each of them needed to be treated with respect and there was much saluting and tugging of forelocks. One of those passing through brought Pepys news of his wife, who had recently been taken on a trip to London, and had talked much of her love for her husband, which pleased Pepys enormously, despite having just lost the enormous sum of 9 shillings in a game of nine-pins.


  1. is the devils food!! can't stand it!

  2. ah... and so it begins... Anyone else want to join the gang? I am planning civil disobedience and all sorts.

  3. Are we talking the leaves or the seeds? I rather like the leaves in a pesto ...

    I hope I haven't marked myself as the first target of the uprising.