Wednesday, 16 June 2010


June 16th is Bloomsday; the day that James Joyce’s Ulysees took place. I hope they’re out on the streets of Dublin celebrating the life of the greatest Irish author. As a student, I directed a version of the final "Molly Bloom" soliloquy from the book, which I consider to be one of the most sensuous pieces of writing of all time. Kate Bush’s Sensual World is also based on this famous stream of consciousness. Famously, the Joyce Estate wouldn’t allow her to directly quote passages from the book. Had the fools not heard the claustrophobic majesty of Wuthering Heights? If you’re unaware of the joys of The Sensual World; take a look at its sensual video here

And if you haven’t read Ulysees, I suggest you do so immediately; but start at chapter two, cus chapter one is heavy going, man...

It’s almost midnight, and I’m still in the recording studio. At the moment we’re recording the fabulous Circus Envy. I’m so tired that I’m getting hysterical, and pulling rude words out of thin air at regular intervals whilst tittering to myself inanely...

It’s been a very very long day which has produced a mixed bag of musicians. Thank God for Hazel and Simon and the staff here at Purple Pro audio in Leeds, who are literally keeping me alive! Highlights of the day include a fabulous saxophone player, a singer with a voice which sounded like galaxy chocolate, and a wash board player who wore a very funky shirt... There were a few more troublesome moments, and I was very sad to discover that our glorious harp player, who is the heart and soul of this symphony, has somewhat lost her Mojo. Apparently she’d been up for Britain’s Got Talent, but been pulled apart by Simon Cowell in front of the live audience. Those talent shows have a lot to answer to. It should never be forgotten that all of the people who make it in front of the panel have got through countless auditions; during which time they’ve been told again and again how good they are. That’s why these hideous unfortunates, who appear to be the most deluded people on the planet always seem so surprised when they don’t get through. They’ve had smoke blown up their arses by blood thirsty producers desperate for decent television. I can only assume our harpist had a bad day when she saw Cowell, or simply that Cowell hasn’t got the musicality or passion to understand that what she does is remarkable, touching and utterly unique.

Apparently Pepys didn’t wear enough clothes on this date 350 years ago. He wore just one shirt “which brought me a great cold and pain.” Obviously a bit of a softie.

His day included a trip to the Admiralty office, where someone took him aside and let him into a scandalous secret, that the Nazeby had caught fire whilst the King was on board... Pepys was understandably horrified and quashed the rumour immediately!

He then went to Whitehall Palace to attend the King and found the whole experience to be “infinitely tedious.” One of the perils of having a King, and being invited into his inner circle, was having to hang around for long periods of time looking obsequious and no doubt kissing every hand that wafted past.

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