Saturday, 26 June 2010

Guitar Hero

I am writing this blog on my iPhone. Heaven knows if I'll be able to post it. I am currently in Brighton train station, having had a rather magical day of sun, swimming, fair ground rides and almost unbroken laughter! I've been here with my friends Jim, Nicky, Philippa, Rob and Hilary. Highlights have to include listening to Jim as he screamed his way around the Crazy Mouse ride, paddling, and then swimming in the coldest water known to man. Quote of the day came from Hilary, who, after 30 seconds of continual bouncing on one particular ride, screamed "here comes lunch"!

We took photographs in front of the setting sun and spent some time staring at the ruined pier, which looked like an appirition in the milky half light. We met a pair of entertaining drunkards sitting outside a bar on the pier. One of them looked like John Terry and talked nothing but nonsense.

My god daughter played Guiter Hero in an amusement arcarde and Nicky thrashed me at air hockey. I also discovered that some of my friends, upon reading certain passages of my blog, assumed I was actually working in Costa Coffee rather than simply going there to write!

The 26th June 1660, and Montagu decided he wanted to become Lord Portsmouth after being enobled. Quite when he decided to become Lord Sandwich instead, I'm not sure, but the title of Portsmouth ended up belonging to one of the King's mistresses!

It was a confusing day for Pepys who was offered 500 pounds not to accept his new post. So confused in fact that he spared a few words in his diary to directly ask the Almighty for a bit of guidance.

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