Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I am drunk. My head is slightly spinning. We just premiered a symphony for Yorkshire at the light in Leeds and it couldn't have gone better - although I was sitting on the front row so everything looked too big and I felt I was being attacked by enormous heads!! I've never seen one of my films on such a large screen. That said I was hugely proud of everyone and everything and myself for pulling off the impossible. I love the people of Yorkshire and the amazing BBC up here for making it happen. The network of regions at the BBC is the most precious resource in broadcasting and I am proud to have worked with so many of it's wonderful branches. Above all I love Alison for putting up with me for 4 months and working so hard.

350 years ago Pepys was busy. I'm a bit too drunk really to interpret what he wrote. It seems he heard from a sycophantic poet, to whom he gave some money. Then he was rude about Ireland. Naughty pepys.

But hurray for Yorkshire and hurray for my drunkenness!!

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  1. Enjoy that G&T! You've earned it! Congratulations Benjamin!! X