Friday, 16 July 2010

Shangri La

I could barely sleep last night. It was horribly hot and muggy and I got myself into a panic about the edit, which led to my scribbling a pathetic email to the Head of Regions at 3am. Once again, editing was slow today and I could barely keep my eyes open through most of the morning. On a more positive note, we’ve now very nearly mapped out the whole film, which means next week can be about finessing our shots. This news means I have a weekend off and I’ve no idea what I’m going to do with myself! I’m almost panicking at the thought. I think a lie-in could well be at the top of my list but I am not a fan of enforced rest.

I had two gin and tonics after work and I walked home from the pub feeling extremely light-headed. How pathetic am I? I bought myself a 12” sub sandwich, and after one bite decided I didn’t actually want to eat it. Unfortunately I continued with my mission and now I feel horribly uncomfortable.

I wish I could think of something more entertaining to write but this week seems to have zapped me of my personality. I have decided to spend the rest of the evening searching for songs on You Tube that I haven’t heard in years. I’m starting with this by the groundbreaking ELO. I’m loving the film that goes with it and am considering using a number of the edit techniques in A Symphony For Yorkshire. I particularly like the one where hearts drift across the screen... Classy.

350 years ago it rained all day and Pepys was unable to have his goods taken from Westminster to his new house. He doesn't write a great deal more, and neither shall I! Is this the shortest blog entry I’ve ever written?

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