Thursday, 23 December 2010


Lethargy. I’m seeing it everywhere! I hauled myself up the hill to Highgate this afternoon and sat in Costa surrounded by teenagers; three of whom had draped themselves over a sofa and were so low-energy that they could barley talk. When they did manage to open their mouths, they spoke only about "gap yahs" and the fact that they all wanted mummy to buy them clothes for Christmas. One of them was so monged out, that, in the absence of conversation, she started delivering a monologue which revolved around her saying how much she loved Christmas in a variety of ways. “I love Crimbo" she mumbled "I love X-mas... Je T'aime Noel.” On and on it went. I doubt she even knew why she was opening her mouth. Words were just trickling out. The other two girls were merely looking at her, too lethargic to tell her to be quiet. But it wasn't just the teenagers who seemed exhausted. The man opposite me was asleep. Someone else had finished his hot chocolate, but didn't seem to have the energy to stand up. By the end of the day, the staff were trying to close the cafe, and people were simply shuffling towards the door at a snail's pace. It was like some kind of zombie film.

I am pleased to report, however, that I now have 1620 Costa Coffee points, which is apparently the equivalent of ten cups of free tea. Maybe I should start redeeming them before I inevitably lose my card!

Obviously, I'm having to listen to a great deal of music from 1980 at the moment, to try and get myself in the mind-set of electro pop for the Metro project. I watched this today.  If nothing else puts a pre-Christmas smile on your face, this will.

December 23rd 1660 was a Sunday, and Pepys was feeling festive. He went to church and found his pew decorated with winter shrubs and spices; rosemary and bay. A rather glorious thought. He returned home to find Elizabeth and her maid, Jane Birch, struggling to cook a particularly large turkey. Pepys tried to help them, but soon gave up, and took a book to bed.

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