Friday, 17 December 2010


You gotta laugh! Believe it or not, I'm sitting in the car park at the gym trapped in my own car! We had a surprise flurry of snow in Highgate this morning and when I got to the car, I found myself unable to open the driver's door because it had frozen shut! As if that weren't bad enough, the car alarm then decided to go off! Utterly mortifying!

I managed to open the boot. I removed the parcel shelf and climbed into the drivers seat. Putting my key in the ignition stopped the alarm, but unfortunately I still couldn't open the door from within.

At that moment an elderly couple pulled up and started honking their car horn. In my excitement I'd left my gym bag in the street and they wanted to get past it. I managed to open the window and the lady hobbled over. I explained the situation. "Shall I put the bag in your boot?" she asked, "Go on then" I said, exchanging pleasantries about the bizarre weather. "Shall I close the boot?" she asked. "Why not" I replied, and she went her merry way. Further up the hill, I could see her reversing her car into a lamp post!

I thought driving to the gym would give the car enough time to warm up. Apparently not! So here I am, stuck in the car park, unable to do anything but listen to Radio 4 whilst writing this blog!

6.30pm - I am now out of the car, but cannot get back in! These temperatures are not normal for London! 350 years ago, and Pepys spent the morning watching over his workmen, who were "guilding" his parlour. Sounds a tad fancy for my liking, but he seemed thrilled enough with the results. He was also thrilled to discover that The Assurance, the Navy boat whih had sunk in high winds near Woolwich, was actually reparable. It was only the goods which had been on board when it went down that were ruined beyond repair. A relief all round!

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