Friday, 20 May 2011

Somewhere posh

You know when you live somewhere posh, when someone smashes your wing mirror to smithereens and then leaves a lovely note on the windscreen offering to pay for the damage. I don’t think Nathan and I will feel too guilty about taking the nice lady up on her kind offer. She lives in Pond Square, which must be one of the most desirable addresses in London! Whilst she's at it, perhaps she'd like to sponsor my Requiem!

I spent the afternoon with an extraordinary teacher in Stoke Newington, who has almost single-handedly managed to create a school which in my view fully embraces LBGT issues. She's created an environment where being gay, or trans, simply isn’t an issue. No one cares. 10 members of staff and 6 pupils are openly gay, and everyone is incredibly tolerant and supportive. I think she’s achieved this almost utopian state by simply tackling the issue head-on. She doesn’t sweep anything under the carpet. She simply says it like it is. She has the same approach to race, religion and drugs. Once a year, the school celebrates LBGT history month by parading through Clissold Park carrying banners and shouting messages of support. I refuse to be told that this isn’t the way forward and don’t care if that makes some people feel uncomfortable. Many people felt uncomfortable when black people stopped compromising.

The rest of the day became about creating a pitch for yet another project in the North of England. 5-times RTS award nominated film makers shouldn’t be unemployed and I’m throwing out pitches left, right and centre!
Monday 20th May 1661, and Pepys brought us no fresh news about Captain Ferrers’ wellbeing. Instead, he spent most of the day hiding from the weather. It rained, apparently “very much.” He did some work with the two Sir Williams in the afternoon, but Penn was in a bad mood, which Pepys found irritating.

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  1. Just watched the amazing film on the school's wesbite - made me cry! Quick, must move to catchement area...