Sunday, 16 October 2011

How I treasure every minute

I’m getting rather bad at posting this blog before Midnight, which was always the plan. One day I’ll realise I’ve forgotten altogether, and Christmas will be ruined!

Today seems to have lasted forever. It started in my favourite cafe, where I worked until lunchtime. Fiona popped in, and we had lunch at hers before heading off to Hampstead Heath. If the doctor advises you to de-stress by going to the heath, to the heath you must go. It was a beautiful autumn day and we ate ice lollies as we wandered around. The light was astonishing, and the trees, which were just beginning to turn autumnal colours, were almost glowing. We climbed trees, took photographs, and ran around with thousands of dogs, many of which resembled their owners!

Just call me Brigitte Bardot

incredible light...

In the evening I went to see Naked Boys Singing. I haven’t seen it since it opened at the Charing Cross Theatre, and it’s in very good shape – which is largely due to Nathan, who is the show’s resident director. I went in, essentially to look after our friend Christopher’s agent, who is over from New York. He’s a lovely bloke, and I very much enjoyed talking to him, and spending time with the charming cast after the show.

We met Philip Sallon outside Heaven. It was wonderful to see him, but I wondered if he seemed a little distant. Maybe he was slightly confused by the hundreds of people who seemed to have decided to cram themselves into that area under the arches. It really is a Mecca for all sorts of weird and wonderful people. There was a man wearing a lime green suit which actually gave me a headache just to look at!

350 years ago, and Pepys’ testicle was still sore; slightly inflamed by all the walking he’d done on the previous day. How awful to have been ill in those days - illness so often meant death. Pepys went to St Paul’s churchyard to meet a woman who'd owed money to his uncle before he’d died. She wanted to meet him in the churchyard because she was too scared of repercussions if she revealed her address. All very cloak and dagger, but Pepys was keen to get the money back, so went along with the theatrics... worrying all the time about his testicle!

By the way, this is Brother Act... and they're extraordinary! I urge you all to see them when they next perform.

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