Monday, 21 November 2011

Matchsticks in my eyes

For the past three nights I've forgotten to post this blog before midnight, which is a strong indication about how busy I've been. 

Today went by in something of a blur. Michelle stayed the night in our attic and we had breakfast together. I woke up with about two hours' sleep left in me but needed to get up with enough time to tidy the house for a day of rehearsals and prepare two enormous lasagnes for everyone to eat. 

Michelle and I had a quick sing through some of her parts and then Kurt, the tenor arrived to do some work on his.

The rest of the choir arrived at noon. We were three short of a full house. I suspect we'll never all be in the same space until Sunday, which is a shame because there's so much that I'd like to finesse - particularly when it comes to balancing the singers. 

Still, things went incredibly well and the tenor section is particularly strong. There were moments when I felt very excited, and am fairly convinced that everyone else felt the same way. 

I sort of collapsed in front of the telly  when everyone had gone before becoming engrossed in Barbara Windsor's autobiography. I'm so exhausted now that I suspect there are shopping lists and letters to Jimmy Saville that are more interesting and better written than this blog. 

Pepys went by water to Westminster first thing on this day 350 years ago. He saw the King in his glitzy royal barge on his way to open Parliament. 

I'm sorry, but my eyes just won't stay open any more...

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