Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cagney and Lacy

We're on our way into town to watch Cagney and Lacy playing Maria Callas. I've no idea what to expect, but my old mate Diane is in the cast, so it ought to be good! I hope Cagney and Lacy arrive on stage wearing bat wing jumpers and knee-high boots!

I was up with the lark this morning to get to the South Bank for a meeting about The Space. It was quite a fancy do with all sorts of BBC and Arts Council types rubbing shoulders with representatives from the various exciting projects which have been selected for The Space. It's incredibly exciting. We're all taking a massive dive into uncharted waters. There were a few whingers in the crowd; obviously being awarded a large sum of money to create an unique piece of art isn't enough for some people. Penny and I just felt grateful to be there and proud that the London Requiem already seems to be one of the projects which has piqued people's interest. 

I bloomin' love the Arts Council. They have funded my projects more than any other institution aside from the BBC and I sometimes wonder if anything decent would ever happen in our industry without them. 

We had sandwiches for lunch. A waiter stood behind a giant platter serving them out and I was nearly hugely impressed. He said "all the meat sandwiches are on the right hand side of the table." "So everything else is vegetarian?" I asked. "Yes," he said, "unless you count tuna as meat." Umm?! There's this weird believe which seems to be filtering through society at the moment that you can call yourself vegetarian if you eat fish. Does a tuna have a face? Yes! Do tuna fish have mothers? Yes! Then tuna does not feature in a vegetarian diet. There's even a word for vegetarians who eat fish. Pescetarians. Though quite how one spells the word I've no idea! 

No news from Pepys 350 years ago. 1662 wasn't a leap year. February 29th is a funny old concept isn't it? Happy birthday to all the 10 year olds who are secretly 40 today!! 

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