Friday, 24 February 2012


I've seldom felt so frustrated! The film is now finished. It looks stunning and the powers that be seem chuffed enough, but in an entire building, filled to the brim with modern technology and people with incredible minds could not find a single way to burn a copy of the film for me to take home. Not onto blue ray. Not onto DVD. Not even as a MOV file on my computer. This is the most high-spec TV building in Europe! Poor Keith spent hours fiddling with various metal boxes and computers which seemed to refuse to do the very thing they were built to do. Why do machines seem to refuse to speak to one another the moment I appear?! 

The one thing I wanted to be able to do was show Nathan what I've been up to for the time we've been apart. I suppose I'm  just tired and twitching from too many cups of tea. Delayed gratification can often be a great deal sweeter! 

I'm not particularly proud of my behaviour today. The tiredness and general stress of the situation meant that I got a little shirty on a few occasions and that's not really something I enjoy - particularly when it makes people upset. I'm quite a fiery Leo, who likes to huff and blow. I forget that some people can take the bluster to heart. I'm sure several people in the building will be glad to see the back of me! 

Did I mention that my computer has also broken down? It was working this morning, but when I returned from lunch, the screen had completely frozen. I wonder if someone knocked it off the desk whilst we were away. I can't think of any other reason why it would have stopped working so suddenly and spectacularly...

Life can be quite frustrating can't it? You go up, you go down... 

350 years ago, Pepys spent the morning at a very expensive music lesson, where he was proud to put the finishing touches to a two-part setting of "Gaze Not On Swans." Pepys was pleased with his work, but uncomfortable handing over 5l for a month of lessons. 

He went with his teacher, Birchensha, to a house in Southwark, where they examined some of the teaching pamphlets the former had written to guide potential students through the rules of composition. Pepys was somewhat underwhelmed. 

He was also unimpressed with his clerk, Will Hewer, who had refused to go to church with the other servants and wasn't doffing his cap enough towards Elizabeth. Hewer had grand plans for life and would become a very wealthy man.

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