Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring begins

It's the first day of Spring. I declare Spring. There's optimism in the air. 

Nathan and I went for brunch with Daniel and his delightful partner, Matthew. They live in a stunning house in Belsize Park with tall ceilings and light bursting through enormous windows. The food kept coming; croissants, fruit salads, curious egg and tomato bakes.

We went for a walk across Hampstead Heath with their floppy-haired, bumblingly bounding dog, Molly, who charmed every one she met, but had to be put on a lead every time she went anywhere near a muddy puddle!

We've been at Julie's all evening; another dose of craft and cake involving a cream-filled lemon drizzle cake, half a tonne of scone and seven people sitting in a room knitting and doing cross stitch. I stuck pictures in a photo album. I must get myself a craft, although I don't know where I'd find the time to do it.

The cold continues. I was quite relieved to come down with it, if I'm honest. My throat had been feeling a little scratchy all last week and I was terrified the polyp was making an unwelcome return.

It was wash day in the Pepys household 350 years ago. Perhaps unsurprisingly Elizabeth fell mysteriously ill and Sam hid in his chamber sorting out and throwing away papers. Washing was therefore left in the hands of the servants. Job's a good'un... 

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