Sunday, 23 June 2013


Nathan and I have come to see Llio this evening to do a rough demo of our new song which we're planning to send to a producer. It's a sort of demo of a demo to whet his appetite, but we instantly fell into the rabbit hole of technology, trying to plug various microphones into various computers, with none of them seeming to want to talk to one another. Nathan and Lli did all the problem-solving, whilst Lli's Mum, Silvia and I sat on the sofa looking concerned whilst feeling utterly useless. I felt like I always feel when a car breaks down and I'm in the passenger seat. I wanted to help, I honestly did, but I know absolutely nothing about technology so just stood there worrying, like a little old Nana wondering if there was anyone I could call for help! 

Still, we got everything done, and Lli sung like the goddess she is. The next thing we have to hope for is that the producer likes what we've done and can hear beyond the nasty synth orchestra sounds and the fact that we ended up having to record the entire song on the in-built microphone at the back of the computer we were working on! 

We've decided to stay at Lli's to watch her on S4C in a Welsh language drama called Tair Chwaer which she filmed many years ago, but is being repeated on the telly this evening. Whilst Nathan tarts up what we've recorded, I might go out to get some pop corn so the four of us can batten down the hatches and enjoy the show on what's turned into a nasty, windy, summer's night! 

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