Friday, 17 July 2015

Fabulously gay

We've had another day of filming today which started in a recording studio in Crouch End listening to Abbie singing Sondheim, accompanied by the gloriously sunny Joe Louis Robinson who's off to Spain in September to become head of voice studies in a drama school. He's going to be living in Sitges, which is fabulously gay. It was his birthday today.

Abbie sang beautifully. Really beautifully. Very movingly. That's about all I can write about the process, as I'm sworn to secrecy. In a break in the filming I played Joe and Abbie the mastered version of the Pepys Motet, sadly on speakers which weren't quite balanced, so all of PK's extraordinary stereo effects were slightly lost. They seemed very impressed, although everyone seems agreed that it's one of the most complicated pieces of music they've ever heard!

We came back to Highgate and continued to film, sitting on the sofa by the window in our sitting room. There was a brief sojourn whilst the crew set up, so we spoke to Jem and Ian in New York on Skype. They've settled in really well and looked incredibly happy. Sadly, seeing their faces again has made us miss them even more.

I can sense that this blog entry isn't really going anywhere because I can't really talk in detail about what I've been up to today! It's a little frustrating, not least because what we're doing is so exciting.

We ordered a pizza tonight and caught up on episodes of Humans, an excellent drama on Channel 4, which you can see on 4OD. Sadly, we ate the food too late, so I suspect I'll have crazy acid reflux all night.

Pleased to report that the jippy tummy has cleared up, but sad to report I'm too tired to do anything now but fall asleep!

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