Thursday, 23 July 2015

Gear means great

I'm a little too tired to write much tonight. We've just spent the last couple of hours going over the final proofs for the Pepys Motet album art work, which is being done by our next-door neighbour, Richard, partner of Little Welsh Nathalie. It looks amazing. He's done a wonderful job which I can't wait to see printed up on the CD itself.

We started filming this morning at 8am. This time at our house. I was in the bath when the film crew arrived. Fortunately they were starting with Nathan, who then had to dart off to do a full day's work at the box office at the Shaftesbury Theatre. He arrived home tonight barely able to stand. Apparently it was an incredibly busy day, with a very complicated "incoming," which is what they call the moment of mayhem when the audience descends on the theatre.

I was with the film crew for the rest of the day. We shot sequences up in the loft, which got incredibly hot, and then went off to City University buildings near Angel where I was treated to a rather extraordinary presentation. I do wish I could write more about what we've been up to.

I walked all the way to Angel tube before realising I'd left my bag at the university, so had to traipse back to collect it.

I fell asleep at 10pm last night. What am I? Some sort of Nana? From now on, when I have a slice of cake with a nice cup of tea, I'm going to call it "a little something extra." That's how old I feel.

In my spare time, I'm creating a glossary of 1960s slang terms. If anyone can think of anything cool in this respect, do let me know. My favourite so far is a word the Beatles used repeatedly in their films. Gear - meaning great.

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