Sunday, 3 April 2016

Yam yams

There's very little to say about today. It's been one of those Saturdays when I haven't done anything but eat a bit, sleep a bit, watch a bit of telly and generally hibernate. I've watched a lot of nonsense on YouTube. I always think a lengthy YouTube session is indicative of a completely misspent day, but I've packed a suitcase for an adventure which starts tomorrow, so I can't be too down on myself! How tragic! "What did you do today Benny Ball Games?" "Why, I packed a suitcase." "Wow, Triple B, you really know how to live! I wish I'd been round your house today, it sounds like you were having a riot!"

Nathan was out of the house all day today, doing one of those singing gigs where they all pretend to be waiters and then burst into song. I would be surprised if there were a single wedding guest or corporate type in the world who hadn't seen something similar at some point and felt the need to pretend to be surprised! My favourite story is the one where the woman in charge of one of these ghastly corporate award ceremonies turned to Nathan and said, "right, I'm now going to hand you over to Nathan for the surprise entertainment!" Cue Nathan arriving on stage pretending to be a chef... Cover. Totally. Blown.

Right. I've packed enough clothes for a week, and way too many pairs of socks. I feel you can never have enough pairs of socks. I don't have enough pairs of trousers so I've washed the very clothes I was standing up in today. Nathan found me this evening wandering about the house naked from the waist down. A tragic sight.

Proud Midlanders will be pleased to hear that a young actor called Stuart Ash is re-telling the story of Hamlet in Black Country dialect. Excerpts from "Yamlet" will be broadcast on the internet, (specifically Yowtube) throughout April. For those who have no idea why Hamlet would become "Yamlet" in Black Country dialect is that those afflicted with said accent are thought to turn the word "I am" into "yam." Outsiders call them "yammies" or "yam-yams"as a result. My mate Tina is a yammoi and she often makes me spake like one.

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