Thursday, 14 July 2016

Boris is the what?

So Boris Johnson is the UK's new foreign secretary? Can anyone tell me what the hell that is all that about? I can only assume Theresa May has offered that silly prannie that particular post so that he can hang himself at the first opportunity. If you poo in the playground, you have to mop it up in front of all the other boys and girls. Part of me thinks that if he were allowed to become a back bencher, or do a job which allowed him to dick about like a buffoon, he'd gain popularity again. She knows this, so she's handing him the rope to hang himself with once and for all.

Loving the joke which is presently doing the rounds:

"Boris in the foreign office? No, no, they misinterpreted Theresa's list: It actually said "f-off" by his name!

I'm also loving the fact that, other than Boris, May has got rid of all of that insipid, "Notting Hill", public school lot. Seems like she might actually have a whiff of humanity about her. Could it be that we have a Tory leader with left wing credentials? I feel dirty for even saying it!

There's not much else to say. The lovely Emma came over to rehearse our song for Monday. We ran it three times. We didn't need to do anything else. She was really on it, so we sat in the sitting room, watching videos of catastrophic amateur performances of Peter Pan. There is nothing funnier in my book than stuff going wrong on the stage. Is it really bad of me to admit that, in the year and a half I spent as Resident Director on the West End production of Taboo, I would regularly will things to go wrong!?

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