Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Oh no she better don't

I went into Muswell Hill today to buy some crafting materials for my god daughter and found myself, for no particular reason, in the Pound Store up on Colney Hatch Lane. There were a group of school girls in there, wondering which sweeties to buy. One of them turned to her friend and said the most extraordinary thing; "aren't you even getting nuffink?" I thought about the sentence for some time before realising that it actually just about makes sense! It's right up there with Ru Paul's classic line, "oh no she better don't!"

I spent the rest of the day filling in forms, snatching a few moments here and there to play the piano. I'm working on the accompaniment to the song from Em which Emma came round to sing on Monday. We're performing it at the MMD writers' cabaret in two weeks' time. It's quite nice to get my fingers around the old ivories again. My piano playing tends to improve dramatically when I bother to play regularly. I'd still like to be a lot better. Maybe that should be my Autumn resolution? An hour's piano practice every day...

We went to the gym this evening, and then ate a stir fry in front of the Murray match, most of which went down my top because I couldn't take my eyes off the telly. Tennis players are like machines aren't they? The level of fitness they demonstrate is quite extraordinary. Murray and Tsonga played for four and a half hours! I can't think of many other sports which require that high a level of fitness. I realised half way through the last set that I care about British players doing well in tennis more than I do pretty much any other sport. I don't really know why that should be, but it's always been the case. Have I ever played tennis myself? I wouldn't know where to begin! I remember once trying to use a tennis racket to protect myself from a rain storm during a games lesson at school. Well, more to the point, I remember the laughter from all of my friends!

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