Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Another day of non-stop admin, except today I was exhausted because I hadn't slept very well, so I'm not sure I achieved as much as I could have done! There's not much else to say about the day other than that Nathan came back from his trip on a Latvian ferry. It seems like he's had the most amazing time. He was literally buzzing. Born to cruise, that one!

I drove to Heathrow to pick him up. The weather was very odd and went from hot sun to weird tropical gales to heavy rain to that sort of bright orange, very clean light you sometimes get on summer evenings after rain.

We had pizza for tea to celebrate Nathan's home-coming... And watched Ru Paul.

There's still a big pile of human poo in our alleyway, which still smells four days after it was deposited. Two days of solid rain has not managed to shift it. Typical, eh? The rain was forceful enough to come through our roof in three places, and yet that steaming turd was impervious to it.

I better go to bed.

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