Saturday, 6 August 2016


We drove down to Somerset yesterday to attend Nathan's cousin's wedding. It was actually quite a stressful journey from about Bristol onwards on the M5. The traffic got heavy and we suddenly realised that the journey to Taunton was considerably longer than we'd thought it was. Nathan got so anxious at one point that I couldn't even calm him down with ABBA!

As it happened the wedding kicked off a little late, so we made it with five minutes to spare. The bride looked radiant. The groom looked handsome. The bride's brother sang beautifully. No one could hear the registrar. The happy couple's very cute daughter read The Owl and the Pussy Cat, and taught the registrar a thing or two about projection!

The ceremony took place outside, which was really very lovely. The grounds of the "castle" where the wedding took place were decked out to resemble a church fete. There was a bouncy castle, a giant Connect Four, a "splat the rat" and all manner of things like ice cream stalls.

It was a rather charming day all in all. The bride's father delivered a very moving speech. The food was a Greek barbecue as a result of the groom being Greek Cypriot. Lots of his family seemed highly perplexed by Brexit. I felt embarrassed all over again.

We slipped out early so that we could get back to London at a decent time. Today is a big day. We're celebrating my birthday!

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