Sunday, 27 November 2016

Large feet

I watched rubbish telly this morning. Don't you just hate it when they use deeply inappropriate music to accompany little segments on those cheaply-thrown-together daytime telly programmes? Today, for example, the Hairy Bikers were on a fishing boat on the Orkney Islands. Every time someone stopped talking and they cut away to shots of the boat, they faded up this really obscure Hawaiian guitar music. It was only after a while that I realised that they were playing the song because the chorus lyrics went, "my ship will sail." They do it all the time on Homes Under the Hammer as well. To a much more ghastly degree!

I went into central London again today, and was horrified to find Oxford Street even more rammed than it was yesterday. I literally wanted to weep. I sat for some time in a JD Sports, waiting for a pair of trainers to be brought up from the bowels of the earth, having ascertained that I could "waterproof" said trainers with a special spray for my walk. It was a fairly horrible experience, surrounded by people jostling, shouting and screaming, and I tried to make myself as small as I could...

When the bloke finally arrived with a pair of size tens, he looked at me and said, "right or left foot?" I looked at him blankly for a moment, "well, both, I'd say..." He looked sheepish, "you can only try one on at a time..." What on earth kind of messed-up policy is that? I assume it's all about shop lifting, but surely there's an absolute requirement for people to be able to try both trainers on at once? Particularly if they're wanting them for comfort rather than fashion. I was absolutely horrified and immediately left the shop.

By complete comparison, Foot Locker, a few doors along Oxford Street, provided me with a fabulous shopping experience. All the sales staff, particular Thomas, who mostly dealt with me, were friendly, polite, knowledgeable and effective. I have bought a pair of simple black trainers and Thomas has given me some extra comfortable heal pads. I bought size 11 1/2!! I'm usually a ten, but the tens were very tight, and Nathan's Mum suggested I bought a size too big so that I can wear thick socks.

I handed them over to the woman behind the counter, who winked at me and said "tiny feet..." Nathan told me he very nearly said, "why do you think I married him?" Mortifying...

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