Saturday, 12 November 2016

Walnut the whippet

The rain this morning would have kept anyone in bed. A murky, grimy, rather sick light ineffectually crept its way through the bedroom window this morning, informing everyone who was contemplating starting their day that there wouldn't be much coming from nature to get them excited. I spent the morning writing music underneath a duvet.

I read a really charming story this afternoon about a dog owner who was being forced to have his beloved 18-year old whippet, Walnut, put down. He made an emotional appeal on social media asking people to join him, and the dog, for one final walk along a Devon beach. The appeal went viral, and hundreds of fellow dog walkers joined them. I'm not quite sure why the story moved me so much, it's a bit of a nonsense that newspapers make a big deal about these acts of kindness, yet regularly condemn so many human beings for the choices they make, but, right now, I'll take any story which makes me believe there's hope for the future.

I came to see Brother Edward and Sascha this afternoon and we walked around a rainy Canary Wharf following a remembrance trail which consisted of a series of seven thought-provoking pieces of public art, which commemorate fallen soldiers with the symbol of the poppy. By far the most powerful was in the little plaza outside the new Cross Rail station, which features a series of about 100 metal poles, each of which is marked with the name of a 20th Century battle. On the top of each of the poles sits a helmet - a genuine helmet - from the battle written on the pole. Some are bashed-up and rusting into little shards. I was so moved to see the helmet from the Battle of the Somme, which was really just a little husk of disintegrated metal, obviously dug up from the ground.

We went back to Edward and Sascha's house, ate lasagne and watched all the reality shows. For the record, off of the X Factor cohort, I have always supported Saara Aalto (who has too many a's in her name, but is a highly-talented vocalist) and that bloke called Matt, who I think is a little star with a massive career ahead of him. When it comes to Strictly, I like Louise, Ore and Danny Mac. My Mum says she used to wear Danny Macs in the 1960s. They're a type of coat.

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