Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Come down

Today's been one of those days that the phrase "coming back down to earth with a bump" was invented for. Nathan is very poorly. He got back from his aunt's funeral last night and faded very speedily. He ran a fever through the night. It was like lying next to a radiator. His breathing was shallow. I was incredibly worried. He has been in a darkened room all day. The fever broke in the afternoon and he instantly sweated buckets. He seems a little better tonight. I've installed him in front of the telly in a dressing gown.

I'm still limping. There's a large gash on my leg where the A and E doctor hacked off my blister and I've merely spent the day clearing the astonishing backlog of emails I managed accumulated whilst walking. 

I had a horrible dream last night. I was driving the car and the windscreen was dirty, so I squirted water on it. A huge jet of water came out from the bonnet and I couldn't find the windscreen wipers. I couldn't see a thing, but the car was getting faster and faster. Then I couldn't find the brakes. I woke up as the car crashed. Ghastly.

The highlight of the day was definitely a massage which has made me feel like my legs have the potential to work again! I've said it before, but there's suddenly a sense of what it might like to be old and infirm. The idea that I might suddenly have to change the way I do the simplest physical gestures because my body no longer does what I want it to rather frightens me. I can't go down flights of steps at the moment without looking like I've got a club foot. I can't sit down on the sofa in a normal way. I can't get into the bath properly. It's very weird. It will improve, of course. Well, at least I hope it does, but it is a frightening little window into the future.

London didn't seem as noisy as I assumed it would. I thought I'd be hit with the sort of wall of sound I often experience when I've been out of town for a longish time. I haven't yet been on the tubes in rush hour, so perhaps that shock is still to come!

Nothing else to say... apart from that I was fairly amused to see one of the law lords dealing with the whole Brexit business is called Lord Pannick! Nobody panic!

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