Sunday, 18 December 2016

Ear worms

After a fairly lengthy lie-in, I spent much of the day writing a synopsis for Brass. The huge issue with that particular show is that it can either be described in a couple of lines: "the story of a Leeds-based brass band who sign up to fight in the First World War. In their absence, their women folk decide to learn the instruments that have been left behind in the hope of playing for the men when they triumphantly return from war." Or the synopsis goes on for page after page as the reader is introduced to scores of characters and interweaving plot-lines which bubble away under the surface of the epic drama. I tried to get away with the two line version, but my agent felt a more detailed approach was appropriate. So anyway, the synopsis is eight pages long! I've filled it with lots of lovely pictures in case the reader gets bored!

I woke up this morning with the Devil's own ear worm ricocheting around in my head in the form of "I Just Don't Have the Heart" by Cliff Richard! It's not even vintage Cliff. It's Cliff does Stock Aitken and Waterman! To make matters worse, I couldn't actually bring the word "ear worm" to mind, so, as the song buzzed about, I was also getting frustrated on that score. The word which kept coming to mind was "leitmotif" which I knew was entirely wrong. In the end I texted Fiona, but the word came into my head before she got back... actually she offered me the word in German which added a whole new twist to the saga!

I went into Muswell Hill again this afternoon to pick up all of my pictures and do a bit more Christmas shopping. I feel slightly more on top of Christmas as a result, although I shall need to push myself over the next few days to achieve everything I've earmarked to do before the big day. I've got applications to get in, taxes to sort, a draft of Em to complete... The Christmas tree is at least up (which is one step further than last year) but we haven't read, opened, or sent any cards.

Nathan is working ludicrously hard at the South Bank centre at the moment. He's in every day and didn't have the time to even eat lunch yesterday. I rewarded him with a vegetarian roast dinner when he got home tonight. It felt like all I could do for him. The poor lamb was asleep by eleven.

I read today that Zsa Zsa Gobor has died. For the past few months I've been revelling in the fact that she's still alive. I shall keep the reference to her in Em now as a tribute!

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