Thursday, 16 March 2017

Little teapots

I was horrified to learn today that there are now primary state schools in Haringey where parents are being asked to "make donations" towards music, drama and sports classes, because there's no longer any money available from the state to fund it. The same is true, apparently, in schools all over London. Surely the point of state education is that it's free? The moment you get into parents paying for any aspect of education, you run the risk that people will be able to "buy" their children places in over-subscribed or high-performing schools. Yet again, it just shows how foolishly ignorant the government is when it comes to seeing the importance of "extra curricular" activities.

Speaking of our titwank government, I understand the whole issue with self-employed people being brutalised by NI contributions has now gone away. Own goal. Right in the back of the net. Theresa May is a dick.

I've nothing else to write. I'm still reeling from a hugely unpleasant incident which involved an entire room of people being encouraged to make "gay teapot gestures" by a man who repeatedly told them to "gay it up some more and show how effeminate you can look." I'm not in a position to go into detail. Everyone thought it was so so funny. Except me. I can guarantee I was the only gay man in the room. It instantly threw me back to the 1980s when people used to throw the limp-wristed gesture at me on an almost daily basis and I had to pretend it didn't bother me. This evening I felt both incredibly angry and desperately uncomfortable to the extent that I left the room.

My community still has such a long way to go...

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