Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sports quiz

I'm drowning in admin! I realised today that I was exhausted and stressed out of my tiny skull. I have resorted to writing lists of things I need to achieve and am using tube journeys to beaver away at my computer, ticking off as many items as I can. My inbox is a sea of unanswered emails. When the phone rings, I panic. I am presently dedicating 4 hours in the morning to Nene and then more in the dead of the night. Anything more and I'll go cross-eyed. I'm maintaining my goal of writing the first draft of about a minute of music a day.

Here's a fun fact: it's almost impossible to get your way out of Bank Station. On two attempts the "way out" signposts merely took me to a different tube line. One of the signposts was actually hand-written, which added a whole new level of Krypton Factor to the experience and proved to me that they've recognised the problem in the station. And then there's the wave of city slickers desperate to get home. I felt like Kate Bush rushing against a sea of Kate Bushes in the Running Up That Hill video. If you get that reference, I love you! If you don't, this link will reinvigorate your soul

I was in the City of London for a quiz which was a big, glamorous fundraiser for a sports charity. It was a lengthy night, but they raised a staggering amount of money. Rugby player, Mike Tindall is one of the charity's ambassadors. He got up on the stage and said he was going nowhere until £20,000 extra had been raised. People were donating money via tablets and there was a brilliant and natty piece of technology which enabled us all to see, not just what people were donating, but who the donors actually were. Within about five minutes of Tindall opening his mouth, the £20k had been pledged. I was left wondering whether people would have been so remarkably generous with an arts-based charity.

The tube carriage home smelt of vodka. People think that they can drink vodka without anyone smelling it, but vodka has a strong and very specific smell on someone's breath.

Happy International Women's Day. Do women party today? Is it the equivalent of Eurovision for gay men?

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