Sunday, 30 July 2017

Inner PAM

Yesterday started in Stratford Upon Avon in a meeting where I talked obsessively and passionately about the Midlands spirit and my love of Warwickshire to a group of people whom I suddenly realised weren't local!

The sun was shining. I wondered if the sun always shone in Stratford. Perhaps it's too important a spot on the UK tourism route so they activate cloud dispersion technology in the style of the Russians on May Day over Red Square?

The journey home was fairly uneventful with the exception of my spilling a yoghurt drink onto my formal shirt on the M40, and obsessing so much about it that I stopped at services to clean it off with wet wipes!

Hilary, Mez and Philippa came over last night for a bake which I made from Quorn and mushrooms. They sank a couple of glasses of wine each, which I obviously didn't have. Wine, to me, tastes like stomach bile. Philippa has decided that she needs to embrace her inner PAM, namely her powerful authentic matriarch. I wasn't altogether sure what she meant but it sounded very exciting. And authentic. She certainly looked fabulous in a black and white trouser suit. I'll have some of what she's eating at the moment!

I feel the need now to embrace my inner something. I don't quite know what that inner something should be yet. Maybe I'll search for it on my forthcoming trip to America... Any thoughts?

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