Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Girls

I went for a somewhat glorious walk on the Heath last night. I'm going there increasingly at the moment. Rain was forecast for today (and boy has it rained) so I figured I'd take a stroll in the dusty grass before the pathways turned muddy. The moon rose whilst I was standing by Boudicca's Mount, the so-called burial site of the queen of the Iceni. She is, of course, rumoured to be buried everywhere, including at King's Cross station, and there's sod all evidence to back up any of the claims. What is true, however, is that Boudicca's Mount on the Heath is an intriguing man-made tumulus, which is plainly ancient. To make matters a little more exciting, it's surrounded by a fence. Whatever it is is off limits to members of the public. It attracts large numbers of pagans as a result of both of these facts!

The moon was full, enormous and bright orange. I guess you might describe it as a harvest moon. It was absolutely stunning and the Heath seemed to hum with magic as it ascended in the sky. I felt utterly privileged to be there.

After a morning of work, Nathan and I took ourselves into town to meet Julie and see the matinee of The Girls, which is the musical based on Calendar Girls. "A Tuesday matinee?" I hear you cry! "What?!!" We thought it would be empty, but it was actually rather busy, perhaps on account of the fact that the show is sadly in its last week. I half expected to hate it. I'm not a massive fan of Gary Barlow's sudden decision to go into musical theatre now that his pop career is over, and certainly resent the fact that he seems to be hoovering up opportunities which would probably be much better given to musical theatre specialists. That said, I rather enjoyed the experience. Sure, the music is a bit half-arsed, and somewhat badly orchestrated, but the story is such a good one. It's as moving as it is uplifting. It's deeply empowering for women, and the performances across the board were sensational. It's well worth a watch.

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