Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Planning that trip

We went to Sam's house in Catford last night to talk through our American road trip in detail. We were looking at all the routes we'd be taking and trying to ascertain whether there was anything to see between our chosen destinations. It's suddenly hugely real, and more than a little bit exciting/ nerve-inducing. We've been planning it for so long that, when we first decided to do it, I'm not sure I could even envisage the person I'd be when the trip finally happened. It's going to be an exhausting adventure, but, by the time we reach New York, I'll have ticked about ten things off my bucket list!

We travelled home on the tube, sitting opposite a group of teenaged girls who were screeching and squawking at each other at a pitch and volume which blended almost perfectly with the teeth-shattering screams of the tube train itself. When they got off at Kings Cross, a silence descended which made almost everyone on the tube sigh with relief. Am I getting old, or are young people getting way less classy these days?!

The rest of the day was spent in a fire pit of admin. I've got quite a lot of stuff which I want to get sorted before I go away. There's the matter of the Nene composition and formatting myriad parts for that. And then there's booking musicians and singers for a recording later in the year.

If any of you enjoyed my musical, Em, and want to hear a wonderful recording of the song, Warwickshire which comes from the piece, you should have a little watch and listen to young Laura Barnard singing it. This is a bit of a cross-pollination of leading ladies, as Laura actually played the lead, Eliza in Brass and wasn't in Em. Ruby, who played the lead in Em, however, was also in Brass. Are you keeping up? So now all I need is to find a film of Ruby singing one of Eliza's songs from Brass!

Anyway, I digress. If you'd like to hear Laura singing Warwickshire, you can do so here:


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