Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Not old enough to tie his shoelaces...

Earlier on, I found myself watching a little lad and his mother making their way down the steep footpath towards Highgate tube. The lad stopped for a moment. His shoe laces had come undone and his mother obligingly dropped to her knees and did them up again. As I passed them, I noticed that the lad was talking nonchalantly into a mobile phone, whilst his mother busied herself with his shoes. What on earth is wrong with society if a small child can be old enough to use a mobile phone and yet not old enough to tie his own shoelaces! I was flabbergasted!

Those of you who were worried about me yesterday can breathe a sigh of relief, as I've made friends with the opera choir and apologised profusely for my strangely emotional outburst. They seemed to understand. I guess creative people like me are supposed to be somewhat temperamental! I'm sure any psychologists reading this blog would have a lot to say about my mental health. Sometimes I wonder if I'm simply mildly eccentric, or a total and utter fruit loop. Answers on a postcard, please... But be careful, I might thrown a tantrum!

I just had my last rehearsal before recording sessions begin tomorrow. I was working with the choir of pure voices who are replacing the children. I thought it would be an absolute breeze, but it was a proper hard slog. Thank God I didn't find a choir of children because they'd never have coped with the music! One of the passages we were rehearsing today must rank as the most complicated section of writing in the whole piece. I don't know what I was thinking...

A very short entry from Pepys on this date 350 years ago. He spent the day shopping; buying things for his newly decorated house. He called in at the church yard of St Paul’s to look at the books, and came away with a copy of Alsted’s Encyclopaedia which cost a whopping 38 shillings. Hardly surprising, however, when you consider that the work comprised 35 individual books. Pepys returned home to find his wife still ill with her old problem; painful labial cysts, which meant she couldn’t have sex, which probably meant Pepys would be sniffing around some young lass before the week was up.


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  2. Benjamin - that you ARE sane is conclusively established by your well-expressed thoughts on the mother and son you saw at Highgate Tube. YOU have highlighted what is often so wrong about the way that children are currently raised. Over-protected and over-indulged: makes me quite fearful for the future...