Friday, 15 October 2010

Splitting headache

I have a headache. I'm stuck in dreadful traffic on the outskirts of Cambridge. I don't know why everyone is trying to get into the city at 5pm, but I wish they'd all just go away. 

I'm here for a rehearsal with the Magdalene choir and to meet the conductor of the motet. The scores arrived back from the printers earlier on and look wonderful but for one page being printed back to front! The scores include all the cues I've added to help singers find their notes, and ad a result, don't quite have the space - visually speaking- that I'd like them to have. Works of this size need to be peppered with countless bars of rest or you know instinctively that things will sound impenetrable. 

350 years ago was Pepys' parents' wedding anniversary and a big celebratory dinner was planned. Unfortunately Pepys could not attend so sent his wife whilst he took care of Navy business. Perhaps Elizabeth drank too much becasuse she snored so much that might that Pepys couldn't sleep at all!

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