Sunday, 24 October 2010

Potato clock

I have been rushing around the country yet again today. I am exhausted and have been solidly busy since 10am. I had laundry to do, parts to re-write and my Godson's 5th birthday in Aylesbury to attend before returning to London for my final rehearsal with the early music choir. I'm now back in Thaxted returning the car to my parents. I've been getting more and more ratty as the day has progressed and my parents just bore the brunt. The drive to Dartmouth yesterday, plus the almost insane volume of rehearsals is really taking its toll on me. I have to acknowledge I'm no longer as young as I used to be and getting enough sleep is hugely important. 

The rehearsal was wonderful and all five singers had worked hard and were absolutely on it, which made finessing an complete joy. There were moments when I felt rushes of excitement and I can't wait to get them all in the recording studio. 

Will's birthday party was great fun. It took place in a sort of jungle gym designed for children. Such a shame, really, because I would love to have had a good old climb about and jump around myself! Uncle Bill was there and I would have loved to stick around afterwards to see if Will liked the clock I'd bought him, which is fuelled by a pair of potatoes! 

Pepys' day began 350 years ago with an argument. Elizabeth had placed half a crown in a box and promptly forgotten where she'd hidden it. 

The rest of the highly entertaining diary entry gives us countless insights into Pepys' life. There's gossip about the Duke of York. There's the offer of 3l for a "favour", which Pepys refuses in favour of a necklace for his wife, and then there's a meeting with the extraordinary inventor and instrument maker, Ralph Greatorex, who demonstrates a lantern which makes reading at night a great deal easier. A fun-packed day, but frankly I'm too tired and irritable to write anything else. 

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