Saturday, 27 November 2010

Brighton Rock

I am sitting in a car, heating blaring out on full, heading back from Brighton, which could well be the coldest place in the world right now!

What's very odd for me is that I have nothing to do for the next few days, and this makes me almost panic! Still, there's nothing like the bitter cold to numb your mind and make you forget everything, including your own name!

We have come to Brighton with our American friends Adam and Leon. Whenever Adam comes to the country, we try to take him on a road trip somewhere either typically English, or quirky and unique.

Despite the cold, Brighton was wonderful. The lanes were crammed full of things we all wanted to buy, we had fabulous food in a pub and a brilliant time on the pier, where we ate the finest doughnuts I've ever tasted. I also bought a toffee apple, which was disappointingly furry. I opted not to get involved with the rides at the end of the pier, and instead stood and watched the chaps whizzing about on THE most terrifying looking contraption, which took them 100 feet into the air before plummeting them towards the pier at a terrifying speed. Apparently the view from the top; Brighton twinkling in the night sky, was extraordinary, but the wind was so biting they thought they were going to die of hypothermia!

350 years ago Pepys got stuck in a traffic jam of carts and horses caused by a terrible incident of 17th Century road rage, which led to the death of a footman!

It didn't seem to bother Pepys too much, for he dined very comfortably with the Sandwiches before heading off to the theatre whilst his wife went to a christening. Pepys rarely bothered himself with things like christenings and weddings. Perhaps they were considered feminine pastimes.

He arrived home late at night, and remembered with horror, that he'd left his boy Wayneman in Whitehall with strict instructions to remain there until he returned. He was therefore grately relieved when the boy took the initiative to make his way back to the house, no doubt cursing his employer with every frozen footstep of his journey!

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  1. That would be the ride a waiter told us about last year while we were staying in Brighton. Quite often, the emergency services get called to rescue people who fall into the sea from that great height! How is it allowed to remain there?