Saturday, 8 January 2011

Derren Brown

Today’s been one of those days when I’ve not spoken to anyone. I’ve simply sat on the sofa all day and quietly tidied up the Metro musical. I allowed myself a lie-in this morning, which is very dangerous, because I can almost guarantee I won’t be tired when it comes to bed time.

I genuinely wish I could think of something more interesting to write! There’s been a shooting in the US, the murder of the white, middle-class girl in Bristol remains unsolved, and Derren Brown is on the telly in a documentary which I’m told includes a photograph that I took of him. I watched the programme from start to finish and missed it, but am told by Siobhan that it was there, hanging on Derren’s wall. She recognised the photo from my website, which is astonishingly eagle-eyed! It's nice to think Derren likes the picture enough to display.

Matt was being interviewed in the documentary. It seems that you can’t turn the telly on this week without seeing him somewhere. He was very entertaining. When asked to sum Derren up in 3 words, he said; “man... with... beard.”

And here's my photograph of Man with Beard. Taken in the days when I used to work with proper film!

350 years ago, and Pepys had a lie-in with Elizabeth. He got out of bed and went to see yet another play. This one, “The Widdow” [sic], was “indifferent good.” There was lunch with Lady Jemima and Pepys was “forced” to drink wine from Florence. He went shopping and ordered some fancy fruit platters for a party he was planning the following week.

Meanwhile, London was still buzzing with the news of the civil unrest, caused by the fanatics two nights earlier. Some of them had apparently been spotted in Barnet, but Pepys didn’t believe the rumours.

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