Sunday, 9 January 2011

Just Go!

I'm sitting, once again, in the Tabard pub. It's the last night of Nathan's Just So, and the cast are drunk beyond words and singing show songs at the tops of their voices. Fiona and I are watching them in awe, talking about the days when we used to feel invincible.

We spent the afternoon in Spitalfields; my second visit to that particular market this week. Fiona managed to lose her iPhone on New Year's Eve, and rather randomly someone texted her this morning to say that their girlfriend had found it in her bag and wanted to hand it back! It all sounded a little bit weird, so I went along for moral support.

When we met the woman in question, it transpired she'd been nowhere near Fiona on New Year's Eve, and had no memory of putting the phone in her bag. We decided that Fiona must have left it in a taxi, and that the lady in question had been the taxi's next ride, and in a drunken stupor, had decided to look after it and promptly forgotten about it. She'd then found it four days later, felt extremely confused and set about trying to track down the owner. It was all very bizarre, but it's great to know that there are people in the world who go out of their way to be good citizens!

We ate pies for lunch with gravy, peas and lashings of ketchup, and then strolled back to Liverpool Street in the glorious winter sunshine, which made the City of London resemble somewhere in lower Manhattan. Thank God for the sunshine. It topped up my levels of vitamin E for at least a few days...

Fiona in that revitalising sunlight

Pepys woke up at 6am on January 9th 1660, and was greeted with the disturbing news that the fanatics had been running riot in the City again. A dozen had been killed, people were arming themselves with whatever they could find and all the shops were shut. Pepys found a sword and a pistol but couldn't find any powder to charge it.

Later in the day, he went to call in on his Uncle Wight where he had been "so long absent that" he was "ashamed to go." I think we've all been there. Pepys felt sure that he was met with some iciness, but by the time he'd left, felt all had been forgotten and that they were friends again.

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