Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Take ME out of the WE

Another long day. I was in Cafe Nero by 9.30am this morning, and have now finished the first draft of Metro The Musical. The one problem with Nero is that it smells. I come home every day absolutely stinking of chip fat, which makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed. It’s particularly odd, as Nero is not exactly renowned for selling chips. I can only assume the rancid smell is due to those weird toasted sandwiches that they sell in there, which are obviously so loaded with fat, they’d be banned by the WHO if they weren’t masquerading as something innocent! The prices have all gone up, as well. No doubt, like everyone else, Costa will be using the VAT rise as an excuse. I’m not sure what to make of any of this business. I passionately hate the concept that we’re all paying back a debt. I didn't benefit in the golden years when everyone was borrowing and spending like mad. I've never owned a house. I’ve never borrowed money, never been in debt and never bought anything on a credit card! So take the me out of that we, please, Mr Osbourne. And whilst we're talking politics, doesn’t Ed Milliband have a silly voice?! He needs to have his adenoids removed!

I came home for a late lunch. We had some glorious mushrooms in a white wine and stilton sauce on toasted beigels. A little piece of heaven momentarily arrived in our sitting room, which was only destroyed when we turned the television on. Day time television becomes utterly inane when you’re working. When you’re not it’s the elixir of life!

Nathan left for his show at about 6pm and I seem to have sat in the same place on the sofa ever since. I missed the laundrette and am trying to dry all my clothes on various radiators around the house. I don't feel guilty for not doing very much tonight although I realised at one point that I’d been half-watching the world darts championship, which surely has to be an all-time low.

Pepys took his mate Henry Moore to see The Scornful Lady. It was a relief to Pepys that it was “acted very well” for it was the first time Moore had ever been to the theatre. Bizarre.

My first trip to the theatre was to see a production of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Northampton Royal Theatre. I was 7 years old. As Jesus was hanging on the cross, and the cast were emoting, a special needs person jumped up from the audience, stood on the stage and started applauding wildly. He then dropped his trousers and was promptly removed by an embarrassed helper. I couldn't tell you how well the show was performed, but the lunatic was excellent!

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