Tuesday, 22 February 2011


We're done! Filming for Metro: The Musical officially wrapped at 8pm today, and I'm buzzing! It was an incredibly long day, but we shot some absolutely cracking  sequences. It felt like we were filming all over the North East, from the northern suburbs of Newcastle, right down to South Shields. We found ourselves on iconic bridges, beautiful beaches, on river ferries, escalators, train platforms and on one occasion, an extraordinary depot, where scores of colourful Metro trains seemed to shoot like giant fireworks out of the darkness.
Sabrina on High Level Bridge
The good will coming from the cast and crew felt exhilarating. We shot inventively and with great professionalism, and were rewarded by the weather; the sun shining for quite a large percentage of the day. I felt blessed.
The Wonderful Crew at South Shields Beach
I got back to the BBC, spooled through some of the rushes, and immediately became incredibly excited. When we first sat down to talk about this project, I told Keith the camera that I wanted everything to have a hint of magical realism. Things should be familiar, yet somehow bizarre... And that is exactly what he has given me. I think his camera work is consistently close to the best work any cameraman has done for me. Watching shots of our Northumbrian piper on the Shields ferry almost floating above the Tyne actually made me gasp.
James at the Metro Depot
February 22nd 1661, and Pepys went with his wife and sister, Pall to their father's house, where a big dinner had been planned. No doubt Pall was very relieved not to be forced to be a servant for the day!

On the way home, Pepys stopped off at Bishopsgate Street, hoping to see a new Harpsicon that was being made for some of the more socially acceptable members of his family. Sadly it wasn't ready.

Pepys arrived home to find Sir William Batten's Valentine's gift for Elizabeth; a dozen pairs of gloves, a pair of silk stockings and a garter! Saucy! Strikes me this Valentine's business was getting just slightly out of control!


  1. Wow, can't wait to see it! lots of love Merielx

  2. Congratulations on completing the filming. I've thoroughly enjoyed doing my bit. I was watching the Radio 2 Folk Awards recently and wondered why the nominated entries left me cold. Then it occured to me that none of the nominees were really connected with what they were singing about. In many ways, "Metro", with its strong people-place-music bond, is an example of Folk music in the making, and far more authentic than the ploughboy wannabees served up by Radio 2! Thanks so much, Benjamin.