Sunday, 13 February 2011

A return to the Curtains Up

We're at the Curtains Up pub in West Kensington. It's quiz time again, and we're waiting for the results. I've just eaten the most revolting bowl of tomato soup, which tasted like it had died and gone to hell!

Nathan is drunk and talking very loudly. He spent the afternoon at a birthday party in Camden Town, and seems to have polished off about 6 pints. I am staying sober; not just because I'm the allocated driver (and don't really drink alcohol at the best of times,) but because we start the process of mixing Metro The Musical in the morning, and I'll need to have my wits about me. 

My head has been filled all day with the idea of writing another musical with Arnold. My absolute passion is obviously working with "real" people on documentary films, but the idea of writing for actors on a stage for the first time in ten years, is an idea that I suddenly find very appealing.

We've just been informed that we won the quiz by one point. Hurrah!

350 years ago, Pepys had his lunch with someone he simply referred to as "poor Mr Wood" who asked to borrow some money. Pepys, the miser, refused. Quite right. Never a borrower, nor a lender be... 

Pepys and Elizabeth spent the evening socialising with the two Sir Williams and their wives. It was the Eve of Valentine's day and the time came for the ladies to choose their Valentines, which was an odd tradition, where people got the opportunity to chose someone, usually not their own spouse who, for fun, would be given little tokens. The wives of the Sir Williams each took the other's husband, but Pepys was thrilled when Elizabeth selected him.

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