Friday, 10 June 2011

Curiously hettie

I'm currently standing in a queue somewhere in Thetford Forest. I'm with Helen, and we're waiting to see Erasure. It's a curiously heterosexual crowd. There are a lot of people here from Essex and Tyneside. Some of them are dressed inappropriately for a forest!

We have a little picnic with us. Helen is particularly excited about the selection pack of mini cheeses that we found in Sainsbury's. There's Boursin, Babybel, Red Leicester... All sorts. The most exciting part for Helen are the mini smoked cheese sausages.

We're hoping that it doesn't rain. I came up here via Thaxted, where it absolutely bucketed it down, much to the great joy of my parents, who haven't seen rain in months. 

Still saying nothing. I have been encouraging Helen to simply talk into a seemingly empty void. Now she knows how her clients feel. I should have got her to put her feet on my car's dashboard and tell me how she was feeling. Helen says from her perspective, the joy is that I can't answer back! 

350 years ago, Pepys was called to The Wardrobe by Lord Sandwich, and informed that the forthcoming trip to sea was actually a voyage to bring the King's future wife, Catherine de Breganza, from Portugal. Sandwich had been awarded the honour of being the British ambassador for the expedition. 

Pepys dined with Lady Sandwich, but just as he'd sat down to eat, a number of people "of condition" turned up, so Pepys and the children of the family were relegated to a different table, one assumes in a different room. Perhaps in an attempt to look on the bright side, Pepys was keen to point out how much fun he'd had! 

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